ABOUT Pike fishing Dorotea


My name is Lennart Ottosson and I’m a professional fishing guide who offers outdoor adventures in the South Lapland wilderness!

My specialty is fishing coarse pike and perch, but also trout and harrow. I have vast experience in fishing in the area as well as a good knowledge of suitable accommodations.

Many of our waters can offer a good pike fisherman 1 pike of at least 2-3 kg a day during the fishing season. 4-6 days of fishing can result in catching a pike of at least 4 kg. You have great opportunities to catch pikes over a metre long in just one day of fishing in our waters!

I adapt a sustainability policy that involves application of catch and release. The majority of catches, regardless of species and size, always return undamaged to the waters.

Pike fishing Dorotea advocates sustainability and wish to contribute to a positive development of the unique resource that is our fishing waters in Dorotea municipality. This approach should be clearly reflected in all aspects of our business.

Harvesting is kept to a minimum and all handling of fish is done within our ethical guidelines.

I will help you plan and set your fishing trip, such as accommodation in good cabins, boat rentals and fishing equipment, etcetera, for the best possible fishing experience for your group!.

My motto is ”Come as a guest, leave as a friend”

so feel most welcome to book an unforgettable experience of the wilderness through Pike fishing Dorotea!